Rattan Massage

Learn to add rattan/bamboo to your massage! Various shapes and 6 sizes, the sticks can be used for leverage, gliding, rolling, kneading, muscle stripping with half rournd, myofascial release with minimal stress to your hands and joints. Use warm in heating pad or room temperature, use regionally! adapts well to mobile or seated massage. One of a kind therapy! This 14 hour, 2 day certificate class includes 2 styles, Thai Style using fewer sticks with more massage, and Full Body Rattan massage using all shapes and sizes. Rattan is solid bamboo and holds heat well. COST: is $420 no gst, . NHPC 10 domain ccp's, CMMOTA 15 ceu's, MTAS 14 ceu's*, CRMTA 12-14 ceu's, MTAM 14 Core Primary Competency credits till Jan 2020 * insurance coverage associations!  Bamboo kit $160+gst pre-order  REGISTER: Email [email protected] Calgary Edmonton  Lethbridge Saskatoon PRIVATE classes 2 or more! 

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