Muscle Fascia Cupping Class (2 Days)

Learn to use "moving cups" with vacuum gun to treat fascia and stretch tissue.  Using negative pressure the moving cups draw fascia and tissue into the cups to stretch fascia, strip fascia and get it to restructure itself in a more ideal pattern and stretch muscle tissue following fascia lines/planes. Goal is NO red marks! Silicone cups used regionally. Add to massage or use as a treatment, extremely effective to treat long standing patterns in the body that massage often doesn't treat.  With minimal impact on your hands, it is easy on the therapist and less pain for the client.  This is different from Chinese cupping, which uses heat & leaves red marks. NO red marks if done correctly! This class is covered by Insurance with NHPC 15 ccp's, RMTA 12 ceu's & MTAS 14 ceu's.

The instructor is certified in Myofascial Cupping and Advanced Cupping as well as with the Trigger Point Institute (Vancouver, BC) and SAVE Your HANDS! instructor training which includes Cupping techniques. Joni teaches this therapy and adds Cryotherapy to minimize inflammation and pain/redness post treatment and accelerate healing.  Having done vacuum cupping since 2011 with athletes (Iron Man, CFL, triathletes, marathon runners, soccer players) cupping has become a standard addition to massage therapy.  See website Class is recognized for insurance coverage with NHPC 15 ccp's, RMTA 12 ceu's and MTAS 14 primary ceu's

"Muscles can be treated but with tight or restricted fascia, many chronic issues are not addressed until the fascia is effectively released and restructured."

The Muscle Fascial Cupping is a 2 day, certificate which qualifies for CEU credits.  $420 no gst.  Private classes by request! ONLINE Class available! Silicone cup & Cupping set (19 pc, with pressure gun & hose, trigger point attachments, various sizes of cups required).  NHPC 15 ccp's, CMMOTA 12 ceus, MTAS 14 ceus. To Register: Email  [email protected] etransfer preferred $100 registration deposit required. Visa or MC add 3% processing fee. Class outline: 

Introduction to Fascia, Nature of Fascia (visual presentation) & Theory, Fascia Lines of Pull and Fascia Planes, Benefits of Fascial cupping, Equipment in Fascial Cupping,Various Techniques in Fascial Cupping, Prone Cupping (full lower & upper body), Supine Cupping (full lower & upper body), Treating Plantar Fasciatis, Abdominals, Serratus, back, arms, legs & more, Indications & Contraindications, Fascial Feedback (for clients/therapists), Post-treatment for Fascial Cupping sessions, Integrating cupping into Massage Treatments, Photos of Fascial cupping conditions (ie. extreme dehydration, post-cupping), Analgesics, heat and cold therapy in Fascial Cupping, Research and Resources, International Fascia Congress video.

 To ensure the health of professionals while taking courses, the trainer has the mandate to refuse attendance to anyone who displays symptoms of illness or indicates that they have health issues that may affect others taking classroom instruction. For any skin rashes, anything viral or similar conditions please reschedule the class.




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