Hot Stone Massage Deep Tissue (2 Levels)

Learn the best techniques! Learned improperly stones can cause burns and stone massage has been banned in the past at Hotel chains due to improper stone therapy training.  Stones are not left resting, but kept in constant movement, combined with deep tissue techniques, muscle stripping, hot stone is the best massage experience ever!  muscle stripping, cross fibre, trigger point, full body stone massage (gluts, legs, traps, full body, all muscle groups).  Save your hands & elbows and get effective deep tissue release!  avoid injury earn more.  A 30 page manual is included in your training.   Host a class!  2 day 30 hour certificate class (20 hours instruction, 10 practicums) 8am-7 pm $575 (no gst now).  REGISTER:  $100 deposit etransfer to [email protected] , Mastercard or Visa add 3% processing fee.  Cut your work load in half! 15 Domain CCP's with NHPC! 20 ceu's MTAS +1 per practicum, CMMOTA 12 ceu's. DATES: see Home page

 Class outline:

Introduction to Hot Stone Therapy

History & Nature and benefits of Thermotherapy

     * muscle release, increased circulation, detoxification, pain relief, long term relief,     research on thermotherapy effects and nerve sedation

Intake form, Questions & Statements to Client prior to Session

Safety with basalt stones, Hygiene & Care of the Stones

Indications & Contraindications

Liability Release from for Stone Therapy

Temperature Control of the stones

Stone Shapes & Uses, Equipment for Stone Therapy

Placement of Stones in Heater

Hot Stone Massage Demo (Therapeutic Style) - incl. oiling & draping, pressure & speed, size of muscles and stone shapes

Procedures for Hot Stone Massage (Therapeutic Style - Prone Day 1 & Supine Day 2) - warming strokes, deep tissue, muscle stripping, cross fibre, working with various shapes & sizes, specialized muscle work, neck work, full body all muscles - PRONE gluts, ham, IT, QL, Erectors, spinalis, lats, tricep, flex+ext, trap, levator, rhomboids etc.  SUPINE - neck, pecs, deltoid, flex+ext stripping, bicep, quads, adductor, gracilus, soleus, peroneals, etc. active stone techniques, trigger points and more

Spa Style demo (Relaxation Techniques) - Day 2 for 2-3 hours

Stone Lay outs & Passive use of stones

     * use with therapeutic style or relaxation style hot stone massage, under isolated     muscles for extended heat to target specific areas and muscle groups for pain relief

Physiological Effects of Hot & Cold Therapy (Research article) 

Current clinical research on pain relief includes extended pain relief superior to aceteminophen and ibuprofen in clinical studies!

Front & Back Muscle group guide

Course Feedback, clean up & purchase of stones & heaters

 To ensure the health of the professionals while taking the courses, the trainer has the mandate to refuse attendance to anyone who displays symptoms of illness or indicates that they have health issues that may affect others taking classroom instruction. For any skin rashes, anything viral or similar conditions please reschedule the class.


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