Working with Essential Oils & Raindrop Therapy

Work with Essential oils, Blends, Vita Flex & Raindrop Therapy! 3 classes in one! Oils are dropped like "rain" along the spine (or regionally) with carrier oil, Vita flex (Tibetan reflexology) techniques & essential oil blends or singles to detox the body, boost the immunity, help eliminate viruses, aid digestion, lymphatic drainage, pain/inflammation, help arthritis, strengthen skeletal system, help clean the liver & much more!  oils work on all levels -  organs PRIVATE CLASSES! 30 page manual is included which details each essential oil used,  benefits of each oil & oil chemistry, how essential oils work in the body, spine chart of organs & glands, nerves and oils affecting these, frequency of oils.  Class includes theory, 14 blend recipes to treat conditions (lymphatic, pain relief, digestion, respiration, hormone balance, emotions) demonstration and hands-on practice.  Joni has taught this since it came to Calgary in 1998, was taught from Young Living, it was non-existent in clinics and spas and is now on many menus, she has completed advanced training in Vita Flex. 1 Day class $295 no gst 7 hour certificate.  Raindrop set of 10 therapeutic grade oils $160+gst.  See "Photos" click to see oils reacting in the body as temporary detox!  Research has been done with oils.  To register: Side bar menu, $100 deposit e-transfer to [email protected] Training includes use of essential oils in class.  BRING A FRIEND GET 2 FREE BOTTLES OF OIL! * Holman Insurance covers Aromatherapy $275 year, or use a Liability form!

Class outline:

Study of each essential oil (chemical constituents, effects)

Chart of the Spine and connecting organs, glands, nerves, functions

How Essential Oils work in the body & synergistic effects (oxygenating the blood, anti-oxidants, immune defense system of the plants, frequency of oils, oil chemistry)

Indications or Benefits of Raindrop Therapy & oils

Common Oil Blends (customize and address many conditions with 14 blends - Immune, Lymphatic drainage, Detox, Hormone balance, PMS, Headache Migraine, ADD, Respiration, Stress, Digestion, Pain Relief etc.) & Blend Treatments

History of Aromatherapy,  extraction, categories of oils 

Pharmacological functions (skin, skeletal, immune, digestive, circulatory, endocrine, hormonal, nervous system, mental, emotional etc.) for essential oils

Contraindications of Raindrop Therapy and individual oils

Pictures of temporary detox (use carrier oil)

Frequency of oils & how oils boost immunity

Emotions and Essential Oils (various conditions)

Procedure for Raindrop Therapy


Vita Flex (method to safely stimulate reflex points on body)

Swedish Massage techniques & Hot towel compress

Hands on Practice & experience of Raindrop Therapy and oils

Emotions and Oils

History of oils & Research with essential oils - Reference books and Research Links

Further Research, articles, references, links and reading




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