Advanced Stone Training  (2 Levels)

The Advanced class is 2 days 25 hour certificate (15 hours instruction with 10 practicums self-evaluated) includes Hot & Cold Stone Therapy and Advanced Techniques in therapeutic style stone massage.  A must for hot stone therapists, pre-requisite is Hot Stone training.  Combine cold stones with alternate flushing, cold stripping, compression, passive use & active use to stop nerve firing in full body Nerve Sedation treatment, Lymphatic Drainage full body treatment, TMJ & more SEE BELOW.  Learn advanced techniques such as Hot Stone Reflexology/stone foot treatment, sinus drainage, face hot & cold treatment, TMJD, hand work, trigger point therapy, plantar fasciatis, piriformis/sciatica, and much more!  Cryotherapy has proven researched benefits including treating pain, slow nerve firing at spinal cord level, inflammation, swelling and accelerating healing and improving muscle tone, it "shocks" the muscle from holding its patternClass 2 days 9-5:30 15 hours instruction (10 hours practicum - charge for them & earn your money back!) for 25 hour certificate $575+gst (reg. $595) 15 domain ccp's NHPCMTAS 15 ceu's & 1 ceu per practicum, CCMOTA 11-12 ceu's.  Get a specialization in Stone Therapy!  Marble stones $2-28 each.  See home page for dates or contact. REGISTER  Etransfer preferred, for Visa or Mastercard add 3% processing fee $100 registration deposit required.  1-403-891-4822) [email protected] 


 Nature and Care of Marble Stones

Benefits of working with basalt & marble stones (alternate to icing)

    * Stop nerve firing, shock muscle patterns, reduce inflammation, pain & more

    * Cold superior to acetaminephin and ibuprofen with longer lasting effects 

Indications & Contraindications

Research Articles on Benefits of Hot/Cold Therapy

Physiological Effects of Cold Therapy

Intake Form, verbal consent & feedback and Temperature Control 

Safety working with hot/cold stones

Active & Passive use of Stones

Advanced Techniques - deep tissue, scraping, fibre and cross fibre stripping,  face stone therapy, sinus points & drainage, TMJD treatment, hot stone foot treatment/Stone Reflexology, advanced neck and upper back work, isolated muscle groups, trigger points, hand work, stomach massage, ear acupressure point treatment with hot stones (chart) and more.

Demo & Practice

Hot and Cold Stone Therapy - Nerve Sedation (full body treatment), Lymphatic drainage (full body treatment), Vascular flushing (full body or regional area) for circulation issues, swelling or inflammation & injury or athletic treatment, Alternate flushing, isolated muscle work, Neck work, hot & cold Face work, Sinus drainage, TMJD treatment, Ear accupressure points, Hand work, foot work, final flushing/hovering, working with Inflammation, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel & more. Cold is more effective the ibuprofen and acetaminophen studies found with longer lasting results!

Demo & Practice

Supplies and equipment for Hot & Cold Stone Therapy

Liability release form

Feedback & cleaning, purchasing supplies

Practicum work

 To ensure the health of professionals while taking courses, the trainer has the mandate to refuse anyone who displays symptoms of illness or indicates they have health issues that may affect others taking classroom instruction. For any skin rashes, anything viral or  contagious conditions please reschedule the class.

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