Rattan Massage

Learn to add rattan/bamboo to your massage! Various shapes and sizes, the sticks can be used for leverage, gliding, rolling, kneading, myofascial release with minimal stress to your hands and joints. Use warm/cool or room temperature, use regionally! adapts well to mobile or seated massage. One of a kind therapy! This 14 hour, 2 day certificate class includes 2 styles, Thai Style using fewer sticks with more massage, and Full Body Rattan massage using all shapes and sizes. Rattan is solid bamboo and holds heat/cool well. $420+gst. NHPC 10 domain ccp's  RMTA, NHPC & MTAS* insurance coverage! 12 ceu's, MTAS 14 Primary ceu's (insurance coverage). Combine with your therapeutic massage or do as stand alone therapy. Register call 1-403-891-4822 (web store not working). Bamboo kit $80+gst pre-order (web store). Thermotech heating pad to heat bamboo king size $120+gst recommended, 4 heat & timer settings. Web store not working, contact 1-403-891-4822 for registrations.

Dates: Calgary April 21-22 2018, Sep 2-3 Saskatoon PIMT, Oct 28-29 Regina Chateau Regina, Nov 25-26 Lethbridge Holiday Inn, Edmonton June 2-3 2018

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